We are an ‘Amazon Affiliate’ which means that every time anyone shops with us, we will be paid a ‘commission’. We will donate 100% of our profits to the NHS or other Key Healthcare workers. On the last day of each calendar month we will randomly select 1 Registered individual and email them. If they reply and send us confirmation of their shopping (copy of their Amazon receipt matching their Registered email address) – they will WIN 100% of their total basket value (excluding any post/packing charges). Where our profits in that calendar month are less than the total of the winners shopping value, we will use their details for the next month’s draw, unless again the carried forwards profits are unable to cover the winnings. This process will continue until winnings can be paid out and a new winner can be chosen for the following month’s draw.

Our ‘profits’ will be calculated by taking our entire ‘Amazon Affiliate’ income and deducting operational costs such as hosting, chatbot and email servers. Registered user’s details (First Name and Email Address) will be kept securely within an encrypted directory and will ONLY be accessed and used for the purpose of notifying a WINNER. No other 3rd party will be given access to Registered User’s details, and we will only use them for notifying winners as described. Should a winner be notified and they fail to provide evidence of their shopping – another ‘winner’ will be randomly selected. Hence it is important that the email address used when registering matches that of your Amazon Shopping Receipt.

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